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Sir Sam's Latest Mandates to His Loyal Troops (the last one will ROCK you!)

1.) Sir Sam is now a Professional Fighter. You will address him as Sir Sam or Sir  Samwise Gamchee (check out what I'm doing to my body)....

The fight's at the end of August but no other details yet.. make sure you're subbed to youtube and instagram for updates :-D

Update: they announced the fight... it's on the KSI undercard lol (this is not a joke)... Don't buy the fight yet I'm gonna post (on IG) a QR code that gets you Bonus Features™.

2.) PGL 31 is up on da paywall (are you subbed? it's $5 and it's the cheapest way to get back at the gangstalkers like that gay guy in the mirror who keeps spending all your gamer money on poppers-- SUB UP)

3.) We hired Lil Shitpost fulltime to clip our stuff.... so starting pretty soon the only place on youtube to watch free clips will B:

4.) New Nick video, high prod. value, short but pretty good, also posted up the the PAYWALL--  Daughter University

5.) Mondo Megabits.

This is the one we've been waiting for nearly two years to announce... Our NFT project, which is a playable card game. It's ~8 months late and we're launching at the worst possible time but it's all good :-O

This first drop is for the first faction out of twenty-nine... This project is what we're going to be directing half our creative energies towards for the next five years maybe--it's a long haul project for us and something we believe in fully.

It'll be equally playable whether you own any of the NFTs or not, but the NFTs will get you access to our exclusive MyndFuck™ "Real Life Ruiner" ARG and a buncha other sicko bonuses.

Let's not ruin it by talking too much sweetie... Here's the horniest p*** I know how to make (discord link at the end of the video):

Sam Hyde's Trading Card Game


Mondo Megabits Mint Monday


I am going to

"Sir, I insist..." she said, trembling with fear and excitement

You opened this too

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