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Sam Hyde
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Zero accountability. Zero quality. Zero dignity. Zero shame.

It's time to kick it up a notch.

Redline with (Sam) Hyde as he wraps his browser around the darkest bowels of the crowdfunding internet like a Ac’ Legend around a Jersey barrier.

You will laugh with Sam. You will yell with Sam. You will cry with Sam. If we don't change the direction we're heading in soon, you'll most likely die with Sam—your ashes will be compressed and superheated into the 2-3mm layer of glass that will someday be the only trace that there ever was anything besides a featureless, sterile wasteland.

But you don't have to worry about that now. Adjust your orthopedic gamer chair to accommodate your hefty girth, kick back, relax, pour yourself a big ol' cuppa coffee, maybe light a cigar. Wear something nice. Show some respect. Get your moustache waxed. Crack your knuckles. Pop a pipe in your mouth. Get some chapstick. If you have room, maybe pop a lolipop in there, too—do you even have to ask?—cherry flavored. We all need some sweetness from time to time. Breathe deeply, and enjoy the rippin’ and the tearin’.


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The long-awaited series...

Total runtime
8.5 hours
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