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How to BOMB the U.S. Gov't - eBook

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How to BOMB the U.S. Gov't - eBook

Sam Hyde
267 ratings

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What's with the title?: this book took shape between 2012 and 2016, which was a very *dark* and _comedyNightmare_ time for us, a time of psychic-spiritual bombings of The Soul. This is our protestation against Toxic Hellworld Culture™, including but not limited to: nihilism, people who don't know what to do with debt/money, BPA incl. touching receipts and plastic water bottles, new music genres, cybernetic private-part-augmentation, women who *actually* deserve ~it~ (you know what I mean), and Bad Sex Play™.

It's everything you know and love about MDE, and more, in traditional 2D format, so you can print it out and have something to look @ after the inevitable "Russian" EMP attack. Cheers gents.

744 Extremely Funny Pages. You will laugh out loud more than once--we guarantee it. This is the product of four years hard labor: raw primo content that is too unchained and unshackled for sketches or video format. It's our magnum opus and best work and we are damn proud. Fourteen dollars is a high price especially since you have less than a thousand dollars in your checking account and you eat noodles and McDonald's every night, but you will be provided with HOURS of CLEAN laughs and smiles. Not to mention you will be really and truly supporting the hell out of independent comedy.

Designed by The Royal Studio in Portugal (, who are known as modern gods, true savages.

I think that's enough text but this thing is so fowcking good I just have to write another paragraph. Every time I touch it is like my first kiss. Charls had tears in his eyes flipping through it last night. We hope you like it man--we hope you find something in here to believe in, to bite into, to use against your enemies, to uplift all Mankind (the wrestler).


**Important Note About File Formats**

We're uploading multiple formats. If you're just regular with a computer or tablet, go with:

MDE_BOMB - hi-res PDF - best format

The other formats are provided for weirdos and computer fruitcakes who use weird devices, I don't know what you have over there, some kind of Chromebook hooked up to DBAN and Tor FBI exit nodes or some bullshit.

If there is a different format that you would like, say so on and get plenty of UP BOATS. If enough people complain, I will upload whatever is requested to Gumroad. Save the email you use when buying and you'll be able to log back in and download any formats posted here.

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How to BOMB

744 Pages
Black & White
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